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Ha-ni was searching for the whereabouts of the people around her. Weirdly, she finds that the writings of Yeong-cheol, a web novelist, started all of this. Sang-her is upset with her husband… Through a friend’s recommendation, they find a place to heal, though it is difficult to tell whether it is a dream or a reality. Dong-seok is the husband who found such behaviors as strange… He follows her wife’s navigation to see what she’s up to. He is also experiencing strange phenomena. In addition, Yeong-jun who had a death experience, has a strange experience of moving in the space of others. Ha-ni and Yeong-cheol’s conflict to exhaust the boyfriend and the people around them, and Dong-seok’s favor to Yeong-jun to find his wife, they can’t tell if it’s a dream or reality…

Dangerous Trap (2021)
Dangerous Trap (2021)
Dangerous Trap (2021)